The name seems appropriate because it compares two people falling in love and becoming one, just like the daisies flower. Daisies symbolizes passion, romance, love, friendship, happiness, purity & innocence. These are all the qualities that people seek to have in a relationship.


You may be at the mall, gym, coffee shop, library or at the office, and for sure there will be single people around you, however you don’t know who they are. Daisies App will show you only singles near you, making it easier to “break the ice”, and everything else thereafter becomes possible.


The Daisies App is affordable, simplified, easy to use and it doesn’t need much personal information. We have one standard price that gives our users full access and there is no hidden cost. There is no need to upgrade or to pay extra money for any features or full functionality. We also don’t have any complex algorithms, the best decisions should come from you, the user. If you like what you see, show interest, if not keep looking.


We encourage our users to reach out to that someone special who catches their eye. Do not miss the opportunity out of “fear of rejection” as you may never see that person’s profile again. Sometimes you only get one chance, so make it count.


Don’t be single anymore, ignite your passion, fall in love.